Resources for Accessible Services

MABVI’s Healthy Aging Initiative

Capitalizing on our deep experience working with older adults, MABVI launched an initiative in 2019 to help improve and build systems that support healthy aging, thanks to 3-year seed funding from Tufts Health Plan Foundation (now Point32 Health Foundation). MABVI aims to integrate low vision awareness and accessibility into city and statewide Age-Friendly efforts. Learn more about MABVI’s healthy aging resources for older adults with vision loss, families, caregivers, and providers HERE.

Resources for Accessible Services

Amazon Accessibility Customer Service
Contact an accessibility specialist who can help you buy books and other products or get you directly to tech support for Amazon devices and services, including Alexa, Kindle & Fire Tablet.
Phone: 888-283-1678.

A T Guys
Accessible technology product line includes mobile phone software and accessories, portable electronics, screen readers, braille translation software, and accessible games. Trainers offer customized instruction both in-person or via phone or online voice chat on a wide array of assistive technologies, including screen readers, braille displays, embossers, the iPhone and iPad, Android phones, and general accessibility consulting.

Phone: (269) 216-4798



Website of information pertaining to the accessibility of Apple products. Includes blogs, podcasts, articles, reviews, lists of accessible apps, and a discussion forum.

Accessibility Support vision, hearing, motor, and learning impairments.  Senior AppleCare specialists are available 24/7 to help you get your Accessibility Settings right, answer questions, and resolve your technical issues.  They’ll even teach you a thing or two.

Phone: 877-204-3930h

AT&T National Center for Disabilities (NCCD)

This is where wireless customers with vision loss get answers to questions about accessibility features and services available from AT&T.

Phone: 866-241-6568

Audible Support

Phone: 888-283-5051

Comcast Accessibility

Direct line to a dedicated team, specially trained to support customers who rely on accessibility services including voice guidance and video description.

Phone: 866-668-6703

Delta Airlines Accessible Travel Services

Learn about and request accessibility accommodations for traveling with delta Airlines.

Phone: 404-209-3434,calling%20404%2D209%2D3434

GE Appliance Support


Google Accessibility
To request a call back, from a Google Disability support specialist, complete this online form.

Call an accessibility specialist at Google through the Be My Eyes app on a smartphone or tablet. Click the ‘Specialized Help’ button on the app’s home page, select Google in the Technical tab.

Google Technical Support: 855-971-9121 may (or may not) be able to help with accessibility questions, depends on the specialist you connect with.

HP Accessibility Support
Technical support for customers with accessibility needs, pertaining to HP (Hewlett Packard) products, available from 6AM to 9PM Mountain Time.

Phone: 888-259-5707

LinkedIn Disability Answer Desk

Call on Be My Eyes app

Contact an accessibility specialist at the LinkedIn Disability Answer Desk through the Be My Eyes app, on a smartphone or tablet; click the Specialized Help button on the app’s home page, then select Technical to get to LinkedIn.

Microsoft Disability Answer Desk

The features you need to make your PC ‘vision friendly’ are built right into Windows – unfortunately, many people don’t know that.  Microsoft recognized this as a significant problem and put in place a support team specialized in accessibility.  So, dial them up or use the Be My Eyes app and get your computer set up to work for you (not against you).  And, to make it even easier on yourself — allow them remote access to your PC and they can make the adjustments.

Phone: 800-936-5900


The Accessibility Team at Peloton will answer your questions and give you a call, if you request it by email to:

Spectrum Accessibility Support

Call this support line to learn about and take advantage of Spectrum cable accessibility accommodations.

Phone: 844-762-1301

Spotify Accessibility Support

Call on Be My Eyes app

Get help from your smartphone or tablet with any questions you have about Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service. Speak to a trained customer service specialist on BME, go to Specialized Help, then Technical, then Spotify.

T-Mobile Accessibility

T-Mobile has an Accessibility Support web page. It says, “T-Mobile will provide accessible support for wireless network service and billing inquiries. Please contact our Accessibility Customer Care at 1-833-428-1785 if you have any questions or need special assistance. For additional support, please contact Customer Care.”

TSA Cares

TSA Cares is a helpline that provides travelers with disabilities, medical conditions and other circumstances, additional assistance during the security screening process. Call 72 hours prior to your travel on weekdays, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET and weekends/holidays, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Travelers requiring special accommodations or concerned about the security screening process at the airport may ask a TSA officer or supervisor for a passenger support specialist who can provide on-the-spot assistance.

Phone: (855) 787-2227

Verizon Center for Customers with Disabilities

Free 411 for your home phone and for your mobile phone.  Get your bills in the format of your choice…large print or digital. a customer service and technical support center dedicated to helping people maximize the accessibility features built into all of Verizon’s mobile devices.  Verizon also provides descriptive video services and text-to-speech capability for Fios TV.

Contact Info

Verizon Center for Customers with disabilities – traditional home phone services and Fios TV

Phone: 1-800-974-6006

8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST Monday – Friday

Verizon Wireless National Accessibility Customer Service Center (for Mobile services/devices)

It can sometimes be challenging to get information about accessibility features that make your mobile phone, or tablet, work for you. Questions about enlarging text, using voice commands effectively, or using the screen reader, often remain unanswered when posed to your store representative. That should be the case no more – now there is a customer service and technical support center dedicated to helping people maximize the accessibility features built into all of Verizon’s mobile devices. Let them help you get your device set just right for you, from 8am – 9pm EST, Monday – Friday.

Phone: 1-888-262-1999

Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind

Provides access to medications with Braille, large print, or audio labels as well as options for medication delivery.

Address: 52 Frank Street, Stamford, CT 06902

Main Phone Number: (203) 252-8915

Patrick J. Olsen, New England Director of Business Development

Phone: (203) 274-1849


Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring

A continuous glucose monitoring system for managing diabetes which uses an accessible app with smart phone access.

Prodigy Talking Glucose Meter

Manufacturer of only completely accessible talking glucose meter.


Audio, braille, and large print prescription labels, available at Rite Aid pharmacies.

Groups and Associations for Blind and low vision Consumers

American Council of the Blind

Consumer group of blind users.

Bay State Council of the Blind (Massachusetts Affiliate of ACB)

David Kingsbury, President
Stoughton, MA
Phone: 773-572-6312

National Federation of the Blind

Largest consumer group of blind users in the U.S.  Promotes advocacy, independence, and support for blind and visually impaired consumers.

Massachusetts affiliate: Shara Winton, president, 617-752-1116.

National Federation of the Blind
200 East Wells Street at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Phone 410-659-9314

Visually Impaired and Blind User group (VIBUG)

Consumer group of blind and visually impaired users of computers and other adaptive technology, currently holding virtual meetings online.

Phone: (617) 506-9706

 Blind Organizations

National Braille Press

Phone: 617-266-6160

Toll Free: 888-965-8965

Bookstore: 800-548-7323 ext. 520 (toll free US only)

Fax: 617-437-0456



Phone: 1-800-232-5463


 Rehabilitation Services

Lowell Association for the Blind

The Lowell Association for the Blind serves blind and visually impaired residents of the Greater Merrimack Valley by providing social/recreational programs, assistive technology training, job preparation skills, Braille instruction, etc.

Phone: (978) 454-5704


Sight Loss Services, Inc.

Serving Cape Cod area, Sight Loss Services provides peer support, information and referral, education and awareness, outreach/home independence training, and adaptive aids to people who are learning to cope and function safely and independently with the loss of sight.

Phone: (508) 394-3904


Massachusetts Statewide Independent Living Council

Connect with local Centers for Independent Living (CIL’s) throughout Massachusetts for cross-disability information and referral services, advocacy, peer support, independent living skills training, housing search, etc.

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

Agency providing social, rehabilitation, education, and technology services to registered legally blind Massachusetts residents.

Phone: 617-727-5550 or 800-392-6450

Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Rehabilitation training; Peer support groups, adjustment counseling referrals and consultation, technology training, volunteer program.

Phone: 1-888-613-2777


Phone: 1-800-223-1839




A range of devices including the Echo and Dot that can be used to obtain information and provide entertainment when the use issues voice commands.

Computer for The Blind

Provides refurbished desktop and laptop computers equipped with a Home Annual license of JAWS screen reader or ZoomText Magnifier to visually impaired and blind individuals in the United States at a low cost.

Blind Mice Mega Mall

Catalog of products for the blind and visually impaired.

Carroll Center for the Blind

Store that sells magnifiers, talking products; offers on-site evaluation and training to legally blind citizens.

Phone: (617) 969-6200, Ext. 240


Freedom Scientific

This  store offers soft wares, scanners and braille displays for blind and low vision customers. They also provide technical support for items purchased from them.

Web page:

Phone:  800) 444-4443

Independence Market

Catalog of products for the blind and visually impaired.

Phone: (410) 659-9314 ext. 2216


Independent Living Aids

Catalog of products for the blind and visually impaired.

Phone: 800-537-211   8

L S & S

Catalog of products for the blind and visually impaired.

Phone: 800-468-4789


Catalog of products for the blind and visually impaired. Also sells products for people who are deaf or hard of hearing and with mobility disabilities.

Phone: 800-522-6294


Blind Abilities

Podcasts with a blindness perspective. Download the Free Blind Abilities App from the App Store or the Google Play Store



Training Resources

Easter Seals Massachusetts

Provides access technology training to eligible Massachusetts residents, a lending library of assistive technology for people to test products for 30 days, and the

A website of educational materials and correspondence courses, discussion groups, instructional videos, and resources for blind and visually impaired people.

Phone: 800-323-4238

Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired

“iFocus” Instructional Videos. Free resources for living with low vision.

Phone: (800) 323-4238


Labeling Equipment

HALO Tactile Icons

HALOS tactile icons are shapes that represent common features on home appliances.  We sell the tactile icons as stickers that can be applied directly to a touch surface control panel.  These stickers identify both the location and the function of an appliance feature.  They are like bump dots but smarter!  We offer five tactile icon packages – microwave, oven, washer, keypad and home.  The microwave, oven and washer packages contain two sets of 9 commonly used appliance features.  For example, the microwave package includes tactile icon stickers for start, stop, power level, add time, popcorn, pizza, potato, defrost and timer.  The home package has over 60 icons to identify a variety of home appliance features.  Finally, our keypad package is used to label keypads commonly found on microwaves and ovens.  We also offer custom labeling – just send us a picture of the appliance, plus the make and model and we will create a custom set of tactile icons for all the buttons on your appliance.



Menus4All iOS App

Menus4ALL has accessible restaurant menus. Go to the Apple App Store to download the Accessible Menus app.  There is a subscription of $2.99 per month, or $29.99 annually, after a 14-day free trial.

Senior Resources

Massachusetts Councils on Aging and Senior Centers

Councils on Aging are the 350 municipal agencies that provide local outreach, social and health services, advocacy, information and referral for older adults, their families and caregivers. Councils on Aging & Senior Centers provide support services to elders, families and caregivers in the community. As a local agency, the Councils on Aging & Senior Centers serve as an elder advocate, offers services, and activities for elders. Services may include outreach, transportation, meals (congregate or home delivered), health screenings, health insurance counseling, socialization, fitness, wellness and recreation activities, life-long learning, etc.

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles line for people with disabilities and seniors over age 65

Phone: (857) 368-8005


Phone Options

Massachusetts Specialized Equipment Distribution Program (MEDP)

The Massachusetts Equipment Distribution Program (MassEDP) provides people with disabilities with a specialized telephone network. Depending on income level, these telephones may come for free or at reduced cost. MassEDP provides landline phones OR a wireless device. For the wireless devices MassEDP DOES NOT provide the phone’s service plan.

Contact: Katelyn Sylvia, Public Education Coordinator

Phone: (508) 821-7205

To arrange a home visit:

Phone: (800) 300-5658

Fax: (508) 460-3962

Senior Cell Phone Option

Plan Provider:

Lively phone: 800-650-5918.

The Jitterbug flip 2 phone.

  • Cost $39.99
  • Benefits: Lyft and Uber call assistance, urgent response button, 24 7 assistance with phone usage, built in GPS, and a lively app tracker for relatives to track user activities.
  • The JitterBug smart 3:
  • Cost $49.99
  • Benefits: 24/7 help, built in GPS, Lyft and Uber call assistance, urgent call button, 5 GB internet service.

Plan Information: Applicants can sign up only through the lively service at 800-650-5918.

There is a 30 day return policy.

Voting Resources

Call on Be My Eyes app

Get help, on smartphone or tablet, registering to vote, checking your registration status and requesting a mail-in ballot. On BME, go to Specialized Help on the home page, then Civic g5Engagement, then select

Diabetes Support

The Diabetes Action Network, a division of the National Federation of the Blind, is a support and information network for all diabetics, especially those who are blind or losing vision. Many of our members have experienced ramifications of diabetes such as blindness, amputation, nerve damage, heart problems, kidney disease, etc. Others have experienced no chronic complications, but want to utilize our services, learn more about diabetes, and be part of a caring support group. In addition to reaching out to fellow diabetics who may be finding it difficult to cope with problems that accompany diabetes, we provide support and information to interested persons.

Loan Program

Massachusetts Alternative Finance Loan Program (MAFLP) provides alternative financing options to qualified people with disability and their families. There are three loan programs:

Long Term Device Loan – free long-term loans of assistive technology devices valued less than $500. Available to individuals/families who are financially eligible.

  Mini Loan: Zero interest loans of $100-$2,000 for the purchase of assistive technology products and services. Any items defined as assistive technology are allowed.

Financial Loan:  Low-interest loans of $2,000 or more for the purchase of assistive technology products and services. Any items defined as assistive technology are allowed.

Phone: 800-244-2756


Legal Resource

Disability Law Center

The mission is to provide legal advocacy on disability issues that promote the fundamental rights of all people with disabilities to participate fully and equally in the social and economic life of Massachusetts.

Phone: (617) 723-8455


Support Groups for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals

Independent Low Vision Support Groups

Not Sponsored by MAB or Sight Loss Services-2022


Amesbury Senior Community Center

68 Elm St, Amesbury, MA 01913.


Director, Doreen Arnfield,

Contact: Nancy Marrs, Outreach Coordinator


Arlington COA, 669 Mass. Ave., Arlington, MA 02476

Contact:  Laurie August, 781-316-3410,


Carlton Willard Assisted Living, Bedford, MA 01730

Contact: Maeve Lobo, 781-275-8700 (closed group)


Boston Veterans Administration (VA)

Boston Healthcare, 150 S Huntington Ave Boston MA 02116

Contact: Carol Faherty, 857-364-6586,


Orchard Cove Assisted Living, Del Pond Rd., Canton, MA 02021


Contact: Mindy Gilmore 781-821-3268 (closed group)


Danvers Senior Center, 25 Stone St., Danvers, MA 01923.

Contact: Lisa Westrate, 978-762-0206,

Franklin Foxboro

Foxboro Coa, 75 Central Street, Foxboro, MA. 02035

Contact: Pam McGuire, 508-543-1234


Hamilton-Wenham COA, 29 Bay Rd Hamilton, MA. 01982

Contact:  Tim Morris, 978-468-5595

New Director, Theresa Woodbury, reorganizing group


Linden Ponds Independent Living, 203 Linden Ponds Way, Hingham, MA. 02043

(Retirement/Assisted Living Community)

Contact: Caren Benjamin, Resident Services Coordinator

781-534-7272 (closed group)


Ipswich Council on Aging, 25 Green Street, Ipswich, Ma 01938

Contact:  Beth Wright, 978-356-6650


Lynnfield Senior Center, 525 Salem Street, Lynnfield, MA 01940

Contact: Deborah (Debbie) Trifletti, 781-598-1078,


Lowell Association for the Blind

169 Merrimack Street, Lowell MA 01852



Adult day program meeting twice a week with in-house activities, guest speakers and day trips

Contact:  Joshua Stachowski


Talking Information Center (TIC)

Meetings hosted on a quarterly basis, virtually

Join meetings by calling 781-834-5836; specialized TIC radio receiver; smart speakers; TIC app

Contact:  Liz Zandenberg, 781-834-4400

For general information:


Medfield COA

Contact:  Lisa Donovan, 508-359-3665

Provides transportation to Franklin


Medway COA

Contact:  Marcia Lomberto, 508-533-3210

Provides transportation to Franklin


Merrimac Senior Center, 39 School Street, Merrimac, MA 01860

Contact:  Stacey Sherman, 978-346-9549


Milford Senior Center

Low Vision Workshop

60 North Bow St., Milford, MA 01757

Contact:  Marie O’Leary, 508-473-8334,


Millis COA


Provides transportation to Franklin, ask for dispatcher


Brooksby Village, 100 Brooksby Village Drive, Peabody, MA 01960

Contact: Marina Gigliello, 978-536-7839 (closed group)


Fore River Clubhouse, 16 Nevada Road, Quincy, MA 02169.

Contact:  Peg O’Connor, 617-471-1781.

Currently closed for renovations


Jack Satter House, 429 Revere Beach Blvd., Revere, MA 02151

Contact:  Lisa Meola, 781-485-5002,

(Closed group)


Somerville COA, 167 Holland St., Somerville, MA 02144

Contact: Natasha Naim, 617-625-6600, Extension 2317


Westfield COA, 40 Main Street, Westfield, MA 01085

Contact:  Agnes Flemming, 413-562-6435,


Wrentham COA/Senior Center

Contact: Janet Angelico, 508-384-5425, .

Provides transportation to Franklin

MABVI Peer Empowerment Support Groups

Boston Elders: Phone

Braintree:  In Person

Braintree Council on Aging

71 Cleveland Avenue

Braintree, Ma 02184

Brockton:  Phone

Brookline:  Phone

Concord:  Zoom and Phone

Dorchester: Phone

East Hampton: In Person

East Hampton Council on Aging

19 Union Street

Easthampton, MA 01027

Framingham: Hybrid

Callahan Senior Center

535 Union Avenue

Framingham, Ma 01701

Franklin:  Hybrid

Franklin Senior Center

10 Daniel McCahill Street

Franklin, MA 02038

Gloucester:  Phone

Greenfield:  Phone

Haverhill: Phone

Hingham:  In Person

Hingham Senior Center

224 Central Street

Hingham, Ma 02043

Holyoke/South Hadley:  Hybrid

  1. Hadley Council on Aging

45 Dayton Street

South Hadley, MA 01075

Marlborough:  Hybrid

New Horizons at Marlborough

370 Hemenway Street

Marlborough, MA  01752

Medford: Hybrid

Medford Senior Center

101 Riverside Avenue

Medford, Ma 02155


Middleborough COA

558 Plymouth Street

Middleborough, MA  02346

Montachusett: Phone

Natick: Phone

Needham: Hybrid

Center At the Heights

300 Highland Avenue

Needham, Ma 02192

Newburyport: In Person

331 High Street

Newburyport, Ma 01950

New Bedford:  Hybrid

New Bedford Main Public Library

613 Pleasant Street

New Bedford, MA 02740

Northborough:  Hybrid

Northborough Senior Citizen Center

1 Centre Drive

Northborough MA 01532

Peabody: In Person

Peabody Life Center

79 Central Street

Peabody, Ma 01960

Plymouth: In Person

Plymouth Council on Aging

44 Nook Road

Plymouth, MA  02360

Quincy: Zoom and Phone

Reading: Phone

Sharon: Hybrid

Sharon Community Center

219 Massapoag Avenue

Sharon, Ma 02067

Sudbury: In Person

Sudbury Senior Center

40 Fairbank Road Ste B

Sudbury, MA 01776

Springfield: In Person

Greenleaf        Community Center

1187 ½ Parker Street

Springfield, MA 01129

Taunton: Phone

Watertown: Zoom and Phone

Winthrop: In Person

Winthrop Senior Center

35 Harvard Street

Winthrop, MA 02152

Worcester: In Person

Friends of the Worcester Senior Center

128 Providence Street

Worcester, Ma 01604

For further information, contact Amy Ruell, 857-262-1993,


Transportation  Services

Blind Access CharlieCard (MBTA)

People who are legally blind, as well as an accompanying guide, can ride most MBTA services for free with a Blind Access CharlieCard. These cards are valid for five years.

Boston: The Ride

Paratransit services in Greater Boston.




Massachusetts Ride Match

Online searchable directory for public, private, and accessible transportation options in Massachusetts.

Springfield Paratransit Services

Pioneer Valley Transit Authority

Worcester Regional Transit Authority

Paratransit services in Worcester.

Guide Dog Resources

International Guide Dog Federation: Guide Dog Providers in North America

A list of guide dog training programs accredited through the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF). They have accredited 14 programs in the United States and four in Canada.

Guide Dog Resources from the American Council of the Blind (ACB)

Provides a list of 18 guide dog schools in the United States categorized by state of location and including contact information and service areas, a link to Guide Dog Users, Inc., (an affiliate of ACB), and a list of mail order sources for dog supplies.

Guide Dog Resources from the National Federation of the Blind (NFB)

Provides information for the National Association of Guide Dog Users (NAGDU, a division of the NFB for guide dog users and those interested in learning about guide dogs), and 16 guide dog schools in the United States listed according to state location.

Free Screen Readers


Microsoft built in screen reader that allows for the user to navigate the computer.

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