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For Current Volunteers:  Volunteer Resource page. 

Volunteering for MABVI is a unique opportunity to volunteer with blind or visually impaired people. Volunteering is usually once a week for 1-2 hours or once every other week for 1-2 hours. Volunteers must be 18 or under 18 and accompanied by a parent/guardian. Bilingual volunteers in Spanish or Haitian Creole and encouraged to apply.

To be matched with a consumer, prospective volunteers must:

  • Complete an online application and choose from a list of tasks you are willing to help with (volunteers can choose to help with more than one task)
  • Take a virtual training
  • Complete a Criminal Offender Record Information check
  • Have a brief interview with the Volunteer Department Staff

Volunteers can choose to help with the following:


  • A volunteer reading to a visually impaired personReading mail, magazines, books, and paperwork
  • Clerical tasks such as writing letters, emails, and filling out forms on paper or online
  • Helping with grocery shopping or errands (volunteers use their own vehicles)
  • Serving as sighted guides for running, walking, the gym, or other fitness activities

Central Massachusetts Only (Must be 18 or older):

  • Medical escort driver- drivers use their own vehicles and accompany the individual into the doctor’s office as requested

View postings for specific consumers in need of sighted volunteers.

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Questions before applying to be a volunteer?

If you are not ready to fill out the application or you want more information, please contact us at volunteer@mabcommunity.org


Volunteers change lives for the better: Listen to participants sharing their experiences with their volunteers:

Text: In their own words voices from the field Image of hand holding a smartphone with a microphone image on it


Check out a recent story about our volunteer program on WBZ 1030 NewsRadio:

Volunteers In Need: Statewide Organization Provides Aid To The Blind

MABVI continues to make every effort to keep our volunteers and participants safe during the continuing COVID pandemic. As a healthcare organization, we request that volunteers and participants disclose vaccination and booster status. If you prefer not to answer, we will assume that you are not vaccinated and will match you with someone for whom this is not a concern. We respect the rights of all volunteers and participants and make every effort to match each person according to their preferences. However, if you are not vaccinated, it will be far more difficult to match you, as many of our participants and volunteers prefer to be matched with someone who is vaccinated. We maintain strict confidentiality and respect your privacy.

We want all who are involved with the volunteer program to be comfortable; Please respect one another’s preferences about social distancing and wearing masks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to mabvivolunteer@mabcommunity.org

Let Your Company Double or Triple Your Impact!  

Did you know that your employer might double or even triple your donation to MAB Community Services? Many companies will also match donations made from spouses and retirees or make a matching gift for the hours you volunteer. 

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