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Joining MABVI as a volunteer offers a distinctive chance to support individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Numerous opportunities exist,Image of a volunteer guiding a woman with a guide dog including being a one-to-one volunteer, offering remote assistance through the Be My Eyes app, or providing access to technology training.

Become a One-to-One Volunteer

Volunteers are matched one-to-one with clients and assist with activities such as shopping, reading, clerical work, or enjoying a walk in the park.  Volunteers may also be matched as guides for fitness or community activities, opening new doors and opportunities. This is an in-person volunteer opportunity. See below for details and application.
Click here for details, qualifications, and information on how to apply.

Volunteering is usually once a week for 1-2 hours or once every other week for 1-2 hours. Volunteers must be 18 or older. Bilingual volunteers in Spanish or Haitian Creole are needed!

To be matched with a consumer, prospective volunteers must:

• Complete an online application and choose from a list of tasks you are willing to help with (volunteers can choose to help with more than one task)
• Take a virtual training
• Complete a Criminal Offender Record Information check
• Have a brief interview with the Volunteer Department Staff

Volunteers can choose to help with the following:
• Reading mail, magazines, books, and paperwork
• Clerical tasks such as writing letters, emails, and filling out forms on paper or online
• Accompanying match to assist them with grocery shopping or errands (volunteers use their own vehicles)
• Serving as sighted guides for running, walking, the gym, or other fitness activities
• In Central Mass only, provide medical escort transportation to doctor’s appointments (must be 18 or over)
• MABVI Be My Eyes app. MABVI provides training and support for this remote volunteer opportunity.

Ready to make an impact? APPLY HERE 

Questions before applying to be a volunteer?

If you are not ready to fill out the application or you want more information, please contact us at volunteer@mabcommunity.org

Click here to find One to One volunteer opportunities in your area right now.

Volunteer for MABVI Be My EyesImage of hands holding an iPhone open to the Be My Eyes app

Volunteers will provide remote sighted assistance to blind and low-vision users of the Be My Eyes app. Volunteers will receive a live video feed, to their computer, of whatever the user points their phone camera at, and will help identify or describe whatever the client needs assistance with. Some examples include reading cooking instructions, sorting mail, identifying or describing articles of clothing, describing photos or greeting cards, describing controls to appliances or electronics, etc. MABVI provides training and support for this remote volunteer opportunity. Click here for qualifications and information on how to apply.

Volunteers are expected to sign up for at least one hour-long shift every week (more if they can) and be signed into the Be My Eyes dashboard on their personal computer (not smartphone) in a quiet and private location and ready to take calls during their scheduled times. Notifying the program coordinator of any changes to availability is recommended and appreciated. This program operates Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern time. However, coverage hours may change based on total volunteer availability.

Volunteers will be provided initial training on how to use the Be My Eyes web dashboard, tips for providing visual interpretation, ongoing feedback, technical and disabilities training, and support as needed.

*Volunteers MUST Have a U.S. Social Security Number to Submit as Part of the CORI Background Check
Anyone interested should contact Program Coordinator Shawn Welker at swelker@mabcommunity.org
or call or text him at 617.992.1233.

Older woman looking at a screen with enlarged type

Volunteer as an Access Technology Trainer

Volunteers for MABVI’s Access Technology Training (AT) Program help blind or visually impaired people learn how to use technology that helps them do what they want. They serve as peer support and role models to demonstrate how technology can improve the quality of life for individuals with vision loss. Some of MABVI’s AT trainers are volunteers who are honing their skills in AT and love to work with trainees in the blind and visually impaired community.  These training services are provided in person at senior centers and other community facilities around the state and remotely via video or teleconference as the trainees reach a level of proficiency when remote training makes sense.   Click here for qualifications and information on how to apply

The requirements for an AT Volunteer Trainer are as follows:

      • Familiarity with any one of the following devices:
      • iPhones / iPads
      • Windows Computers
      • Mac Computers
      • At least a general AT knowledge in one of the three systems mentioned above.
      • Interpersonal skills in working with people.
      • A general understanding of some training techniques.

For more information or to apply as an AT trainer, contact Assistive Technology Director Jerry Feliz at jfelix@mabcommunity.org or Assistive Technology  Deputy Director Dave Dunham at ddunham@mabcommunity.org

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Check out a recent story about our volunteer program on WBZ 1030 NewsRadio:

Volunteers In Need: Statewide Organization Provides Aid To The Blind

We respect the rights of all volunteers and participants and make every effort to match each person according to their preferences. We no longer ask for COVID vaccination status from the consumer or volunteer. However, if a consumer or volunteer prefers someone vaccinated or to wear a mask in the other’s presence, we will be sure to honor that request and, therefore, may need to ask on behalf of the preferred party.  We maintain strict confidentiality and respect your privacy.

We want all who are involved with the volunteer program to be comfortable. Please respect one another’s preferences about social distancing and wearing masks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact: volunteer@mabcommunity.org.

For Current Volunteers:  Check out our Volunteer Resource page. 
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