Share your Sight

1:1 Volunteer

A volunteer reading to a visually impaired person

Share your sight with a person who is blind or visually impaired. Every volunteer has a unique role specific to the needs of the individual being served. Volunteers often assist with:

  • Grocery or other types of shopping (helping select gifts, etc.)
  • Assorted errands
  • Clerical tasks, filling out forms, reading bills
  • Reading print material, such as mail, magazines, or books
  • Being a sighted guide at the gym, running or walking, hiking, or other fitness activities
  • Activities of the consumer’s choice
  • Technology support (replacing ink cartridges, connecting devices, etc.)

We will provide training on how to assist someone who is blind or visually impaired and will match you with an individual in or near your community. Volunteers can let us know which tasks they wish to help with.

  • Volunteers must be 18 or older or accompanied by an adult.
  • Potential volunteers are interviewed, undergo a criminal record check (CORI) and attend an orientation.
  • Time commitment ranges from two hours per week to two hours every other week, with a minimum commitment of six months.
  • Typically, an on-going day/time is determined in advance to offer consistency.


Read more about adults who are blind or visually impaired in need of sighted volunteers.

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Family Volunteer

The Family Volunteer Program allows high school students and their parents to volunteer together. High school students can make a difference in a blind person’s life while gaining valuable education from the experience. We work to develop special training opportunities for teens, such as visiting a low vision support group or attending a seminar or panel discussion on Braille, guide dogs, and other topics. Exposure to how people with disabilities use technology is particularly important so that teen volunteers understand how technology can level the playing field in the workplace, education, and daily life. This initiative provides meaningful service opportunities to teens, and the opportunity for the teens to become comfortable working with someone with a disability, an experience that will carry over into their adult lives and careers.

The Family Volunteer Program is also a chance for parents and teens to spend time volunteering together, learning about vision loss and helping others in their community. Interested in applying to become a volunteer or learning more? This is an ideal opportunity for a teenager younger than 18.  The process is the same as what is stated above but includes at least one family member who is an adult.

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Escorted Medical Transportation

Volunteers must be at least 18. Drivers use their own vehicles and accompany the individual into the doctor’s office as requested. Potential volunteers are interviewed, undergo a criminal record check (CORI) and attend an orientation. A small stipend is provided to help cover the gas and mileage costs.  Apply to Volunteer Here

Assistive Technology Trainers

A woman in front of a monitor with magnified text

This is an opportunity for volunteers who are blind or sighted who have some experience with assistive technology, or sighted individuals that have experience training others. Volunteers provide 1:1 training in one of our Assistive Technology Training Centers, located in community centers across the state. Potential volunteers are interviewed, undergo a criminal record check (CORI) and participate in an orientation.
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Please contact the MABVI regional office nearest you to speak with one of our volunteer coordinators

Greater Boston: Call (617) 972-9119 or E-mail VolunteerB@mabcommunity.org

Central or Western Massachusetts: Call (508) 854-1733 or E-mail VolunteerW@mabcommunity.org

Here is a list of upcoming Volunteer Orientation sessions: New Volunteer Training