Adding Alt-Attributes to Digital Images

What is an Alt-Attribute?

Text: ALT TEXT image description Image os alt text on a screenAn alt-attribute is descriptive text that is added to a digital image, such as a logo, graphic, or photograph, to make the image accessible to someone who is blind or has low vision. The text does not appear visually but is available for a screen reader or other access technology. The alt-attribute describes the content of the image.

When Should Alt-Attributes Be Used?

Anytime you add an image to a digital document, website, or social media post, If the image or graphic doesn’t have an alt-attribute, a blind reader won’t be able to identify the content.

Good image descriptions are concise and descriptive, helping people understand what’s happening in an image, e.g., “Children playing soccer” or “AARP logo.” Read more about writing alt-attributes on

How to Add an Alt-Attribute

Each platform has slightly different steps for adding an alt-attribute. Links for social media are below. Turn on the Accessibility Checker or use Help to find instructions for your design and word processing platforms.




Sources accurate as of 9/3/2021

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