Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Vision Loss

  • What is the name of my eye condition?
  • What is my visual acuity (central vision)?
  • What is my visual field (side vision)?
  • Am I likely to lose more vision?
  • Am I legally blind?
  • Will you register me with the
    Massachusetts Commission for the Blind?
  • Are there other tests?
  • What about a second opinion?
  • Are there any surgical options?
  • What are they?
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  • Are there any optical or non-optical aids that can help me use
    my remaining vision to the fullest extent possible?
  • Should I have a low vision evaluation?
  • Are there any mobility aids that can help me move around
    more safely?
  • Do any of your other patients have this condition?
  • Would they be willing to talk with my family and me?
  • Do you have any educational materials that describe this
  • Are there any organizations that provide services to individuals
    with this or related eye conditions?

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