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Yellow road sign witThe Dangerous Vision podcast explores the world of blindness from those with lived experience. MABVI Board of Director and Harvard Business School senior lecturer Randy Cohen hosts this cutting edge podcast that dives deep into technology, advocacy, and personal anecdotes about living with vision loss or blindness.

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As part of our ongoing series, MABVI’s Access Technolgy and Occupational Therapists are providing informative videos on assistive devices or access technology in order to complete daily activities. Our first two below are about using Access Technology to navigate the kitchen.

Meet Jerry Feliz, Director Assistive Technolgy Training

Assistive Technolgy with Sassy Outwater-Wright

Videos: Tips for Confident Living With Vision Loss

The Massachusetts Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired brings you life tips for living confidently. These hacks are a peer-to-peer guide on useful techniques to live with vision loss.


Steve Jordan guiding a man with a white cane

Here to Help: Meet Steve Jordan, Director of Orientation and Mobility






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