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Peer Support

Our peer support groups meet once a month and provide a warm, relaxed, engaging opportunity to meet peers who are sharing the experience of coping with serious vision loss. These sessions offer a place to share practical and emotional support, as well as suggestions, advice, and hopefully some laughter and light-heartedness!  Support group members share tips, coping skills, anecdotes, and useful resources, as well as any fears and frustrations, as they adapt to vision changes. MABVI support groups are run in communities throughout Massachusetts and most are led by visually impaired peer coordinators. It is our hope that MABVI’s support groups will also provide a place to enjoy each other’s company, and develop long-term friendships.

MABVI Support Groups Provide:

  • An opportunity for blind or visually impaired persons to discuss issues relating to their vision loss which may have resulted from a variety of eye diseases or conditions.
  • A focused environment to learn about how to maintain independence; aging and vision loss; the effects of vision loss on family and friends, and many other topics.
  • A place to share stories, enjoy each other’s company, make new friendships, and relax.
  • Monthly meetings in various community locations. Some groups meet during the day, others meet in the evening. (Transportation is provided when possible).

This FREE service is available through funds provided by the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind and with generous support from other individual donors and grantmakers.

View a listing of our current support groups.

Reach us toll-free at (888) 613-2777 or Contact Us.

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