Assistive Tech

A woman in front of a monitor with magnified textAssistive technology includes apps and devices that help individuals with disabilities complete tasks and increase independence. MABVI’s Assistive Technology Training Centers help people who are blind or visually impaired learn to use technology that helps them do what they want to do. Assistive technology opens access to:

  • Printed and digital text
  • Healthcare information & tools
  • Financial information & banking
  • Apps for daily living
  • Transportation & navigation services
  • Social connectedness and communication

Our Centers employ tech-savvy volunteer trainers, who also serve as peer supports and role models to demonstrate the many ways that tech can improve quality of life for individuals with vision loss.

MABVI’s Assistive Technology Training Centers are located in Brookline, Watertown, Natick, Roxbury, Worcester, Harwich, and Fitchburg, Full sites are open 2 days (10-12 hours) per week with a staff coordinator. Contact us for an assistive technology assessment and to ask us about how we can help you. To find a program near you, or to become a volunteer trainer for this program, please contact us toll-free at 888-613-2777  or email us at

Would you like to teach your assistive tech skills to others? We’re recruiting peer volunteer trainers.

MABVI’s Assistive Technology Training Centers are made possible through grants and partnerships with the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, the Massachusetts Association of Councils on Aging, the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, the Highland Street Foundation, BNY Mellon, Boston Foundation, MATHWorks, Cognex, The Ellenbogen Family, the MetroWest Health Foundation, and the Memorial Foundation for the Blind in Worcester County.

See our assistive technology resources section for links to other local technology resources.

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